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Our activities
  • Site Prospecting and Acquisition: We acquire for our’s own account or commisioned by a principal locations for development of windfarms or solarfarms. Starting-point is profit, not all locations do have enough to offer in Sun, Wind or subsidies.

  • Project Development: Together with our partners we develop Windenergy with large scale turbines in line or windfarms or Solarenergy in several types of installations. We do this for our own portfolio or in commission for a principal.

  • Management: Together with our partner we manage our own projects.

  • Brokerage: Through our presence in the market of windenergy and solarenergy we have a firm network. In our network we have developers seeking investors or financing. On the other hand we are in contact with investors who are seeking ways to invest in sustainable forms of producing energy and having them add these investments in their portfolio. In a solid and effective discrete way we realise contacts. Our aim is a transaction which is the right deal for all parties concerned.

ROOK Real Energy is a sister-company of ROOK Real Estate and ROOK Outdoor Media.


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